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Neuland No.One® Outliner, wedge nib 2-6 mm

The Neuland No.One® Outliner with a wedge nib! The specialized water-based ink formula that won't smear or smudge when other markers go over it!

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Product characteristics:

Nib: wedge nib
Ink formula: permanent
Marker-Type: Neuland No.One®, Outliner
Use on: Paper
Unit: single
We know you need an outlining marker that won’t mess up your colorful ideas. So, we’ve created... more
Product information

We know you need an outlining marker that won’t mess up your colorful ideas. So, we’ve created the unique water-based permanent Outliner marker that does just that - it won’t bleed through your paper! Never worry about your colors blending together again.

Technical details:
Material: PP/PE
water-based permanent ink, refillable
wedge nib, line widhts: 2-6 mm

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Customer evaluation for "Neuland No.One® Outliner, wedge nib 2-6 mm"
Evaluations 27 Mar 2019


Dieser Stift eignet sich sehr gut, um Konturen für Bilder oder Schrift zu zeichnen. Beim anschließenden ausmalen verläuft oder verschmiert die Tinte nicht.

Evaluations 11 Mar 2019


...liegt prima in der Hand. Saubere Strichstärken. Verwischt nicht! Und das Beste: Geruchsneutral!

Evaluations 5 Dec 2018

So gut wie erwartet!

So gut wie erwartet!

Evaluations 4 Nov 2018

Sehr zu empfehlen

Toller Stift, gut in der Hand, schönes Schriftbild,

Evaluations 18 Sep 2018


der Stift lässt die Zeichnungen einfach "besser" aussehen ...

Evaluations 4 Aug 2018

My primary marker - a must have

My primary marker - I always have two with me and use them everyday - great quality and a must have!

Evaluations 3 May 2018

Excellent market.

This is my go to marker. Dries fast, never smears and has 4 different widths. I will wear this one out I use it so much...but...there are repalceable nibs and ink so ...DRAW ON!

Evaluations 18 Jan 2018


Der gehört zur Grundausstattung unbedingt dazu.

Evaluations 22 Dec 2017

Ein hervorragender Stift, den ich nicht mehr missen möchte

Ein Stift, auf den ich nicht mehr verzichten möchte. Er schreibt nicht durch und die Tinte verläuft auch nicht, wenn man mit einer anderen Farbe darüberschreibt.

Evaluations 7 Nov 2017

Gehört in die Neuland-Grundausstattung :)

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Markers & More

Can I write on paper with whiteboard makers? Can I use markers for paper on whiteboards?

Whiteboard markers bleed heavily through paper and quickly get empty. Possibly the tip also wears off quickly. Avoid writing on whiteboards with markers for paper. They possibly smear and are difficult to remove.

The Outliner is clogged. What can I do?

The outliner has a different ink composition that can cause clogging if residual ink remains in the needle or the bulb (rinse the needle with water after each use to prevent residual ink from remaining in it).

What’s the difference between the "normal black" and the Outliner?

The Outliner (color code: 010) has a special water based ink that doesn’t smear or blur when painted over with another marker. It’s particularly suitable for contours that remain clean and sharp when colored afterwards. Otherwise with the black lines of the "normal black" (color code: 100), they can quickly become blurry and dirty after subsequent coloring.

Find here an explainer video in our YouTube channel.

Is the BigOne also available as a WhiteboardMarker?

No. Many customers buy the empty marker and fill it with whiteboard ink (but we can’t guarantee).

What’s the shadow marker?

This means the color “grey“ (color code: 101). Mostly the Neuland BigOne® is ordered.

Are your markers refillable and how does it work?

Neuland® markers are refillable. Find detailed instructions here.

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€6.00 *
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