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Sketchnoting Kit

Everything you need to get into sketchnoting – let’s do this.

Sketchnoting Kit
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Expertise: Sketchnoting
– The follow-up set with the new Neuland FineOne® markers is in progess – Sketchnoting,... more
Product information

– The follow-up set with the new Neuland FineOne® markers is in progess –

Sketchnoting, the combination of sketches and notes, is the perfect way to illustrate coherences better and clearer. We perceive over 80% of our impressions visually – and this visual information is being processed by our brain faster than other information. Thus, the preparation of fast sketchnotes on handy formats helps to understand content faster and to anchor it better in our memory. Sketchnoting does not have the claim of art – it should be a tool. It is primarily about dealing with the content on a visual level, not "beautiful" drawing. Only the really important information is shown as small, simple graphics and symbols, which also receive more detail through textual annotations.

That's efficient – the brain is creatively stimulated, and these notes are picked up after a long time to quickly remember. With this set you have everything you need to sketchnote: a sketchbook in the ideal format and various markers for drawing symbols, shading, and highlighting in different colors.

The kit is suitable for anyone who wants to illustrate visual notes from now on. Especially for workshop leaders who want to equip participants of sketchnoting workshops.

Scope of delivery:
Sketchbook DIN A5, Wire-O-binding, 20 sheets, dot matrix
gimmeFive + 1, rubber band with 6 loops, width 3 cm / 1.2 inches, diameter approx. 15 cm / 6 inches
Neuland FineOne® Outliner, round nib 1 mm
Neuland FineOne® Fineliner, round nib 0.8 mm, 101 gray
Neuland FineOne® Fineliner, round nib 0.8 mm, 600 orange
Neuland FineOne® Art, brush nib 0,5-5 mm, 501 yellow
SketchOne, 0.7 mm
SketchOne, 0.3 mm
+ Neuland FineOne® Outliner, round nib 1mm – new Design (free give-away)

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Customer evaluation for "Sketchnoting Kit"
14 Apr 2020

Prima Einsteigerset

Prima Einsteigerset zum Verschenken !

7 Jan 2020

Eher nicht

Mit fehlen vor allem Outliner mit weicher Spitze in Hellblau und Hellgrau, um die Schatten besser ausmalen zu können. Das Helftchen ist wirklich zu dünn ausgefallen, um es ernsthaft für die Arbeit einzusetzen. Insgesamt eher Spielerei und nicht so sehr für den professionellen Einsatz gedacht. Jedenfalls macht die Zusammenstellung aus meiner Sicht so wenig Sinn.

Neuland 11 Feb 2020

Hallo Herr Kramer,
vielen Dank für Ihr Feedback. Wir bedauern, dass unser Sketchnoting Kit nicht Ihren Anforderungen entspricht.
Dieses „kleine Set“ wurde von uns insbesondere für EinsteigerInnen oder auch für WorkshopleiterInnen, die Ihre TeilnehmerInnen für Sketchnote Workshops ausstatten möchten, entwickelt. Es ermöglicht einen einfachen Start ohne einzelne Artikel aus dem Gesamt-Sortiment auswählen zu müssen. Sie arbeiten bereits ausgiebig mit Sketchnotes?
mySketchbook mit 50 Blatt oder auch das 4-2-sketch mit 96 Blatt bieten zusammen mit unseren großen Marker-Sortiment unglaublich viele Möglichkeiten.
Alle unsere Marker sind auch einzeln erhältlich, sodass Sie Ihren Lieblings-Marker und Ihre Lieblingsfarbe individuell wählen können.

Ihr Neuland-Team

24 Sep 2019


It looks nice but basically when you are in action you won't put back each pen in his strap, not really practical (a pouch or little bag is doing the carry with you job). The notebook is very thin. The 3 colors provided are- for me- too dark for shadows etc. you could use a lighter gray and yellow. My advice to start: - get Neuland FineOne® Outliner, round nib 1 mm - SketchOne, 0.7 mm - SketchOne, 0.3 mm - SketchOne, 0.1 mm - 1 light gray / yellow for shadows (so the FineOne 0,5-5mm type, grey 102 for example). Then have 3/4 other colors going together that you like (ie dark red/blue-green/yellow/orange in the FineOne type or TwinOne if you also work on flipcharts) to create something visually beautiful/attractive when you enjoy yourself. A good padfolio with a space on the left side where you can store your markers and still seeing them (so not to high) is THE tool I found very useful to sketchnote everywhere :)

Neuland 1 Oct 2019

Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry that your evaluation in this case was not positive.

Our Sketchnoting Kit includes essentials for beginners, rookies and workshop participants. From our experience, we know that our customers’ tastes regarding the marker color differ considerably. Therefore, we provide all markers in single colors as well. This way, everyone can order his/her favorite color. Furthermore, storage requirements are as well quite different among our customers. Some of them use our gimmeFive+1/+3 marker holder, others use small or big pencil cases – depending on the variety of markers and colors. That’s why we decided to choose a carton. If you start using more workshop materials, you can replace the carton with a pencil case or bag, and dispose it.

8 Sep 2019

Perfekt für den Start ...

Ich versuche mich gerade im Bereich Sketchnoting und da ist dieses Paket natürlich perfekt zum Einstieg.

17 Aug 2019

Perfect for getting started

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