Import regulations

Date: 07/01/2019

Following information and data is provided without guarantee and is subject to change at any time without prior notification. Any further information that is required or needs to be considered according to your country import regulations will be handled prior shipment of your order.

Deliveries to private persons are possible only with DHL and with a total amount of up to 850,00 EUR (incl. shipping costs). We kindly advise you to contact your local customs office to request the current import regulations.

Deliveries with a total amount over 200,00 EUR to private persons are currently not possible due to country’s customs regulation.

Deliveries with a total amount up to 75,00 EUR (incl. shipping costs) are free of customs charges!

From the total amount of 150,00 EUR (private person) / 100,00 EUR (companies) high customs fees may occur. Please check this with your local customs office prior ordering.

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Due to the high order volume delays in delivery may occur. Thank you for your understanding!